Para quem já possui uma fluência inicial, foi criado o programa:

Start, The Gathering.

Finally: People to Talk!

No one to talk to? Your English level is going down? This program is for people who want to go further in English conversations.

You will have an immersion routine that will make you feel at home, meeting twice a week, having close relationships with your new classmates, and the guidance of a professional. Take a look below and see how your weekly routine will be.

The Theme

You receive a theme for the week and links for personal study.

The Partnership

You receive a partner and prepare a presentation for the class together.

The Gathering

We "Start The Gathering!" Your duo starts talking about the theme. The teacher and the class will ask you questions and nobody knows where the conversation will get!

The Journal

You write your recordings about the gathering. Your teacher will review your writings and send you feedback!

It's made to be simple, fun and deep!

  • The group is up to 8 people/4 duos;

  • Gatherings are 40 minutes each, twice a week;

  • Classes on conssecutive days for memory improving;

  • Fun warranty!

You will get an exlusive sale for the class below!

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